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What strategy is behind the giveaways of Magic Marketing MM GmbH?

„YOUR LOGO and your advertising in the hands of your customers“

There are many companies that use freebies. But only a few companies use advertising material strategically. Particularly in customer loyalty, it is possible to achieve very good results with giveaways. As customer retention becomes more and more difficult, companies are well advised to exploit all possibilities. In the long run, many satisfied repeat customers are the guarantee that the company is doing well. Customer loyalty begins immediately after new customer advertising. With a clever strategy, it is even possible to greatly improve the success of winning new customers through good customer loyalty. Satisfied customers report e.g. often in the circle of acquaintances about their good experiences with a company. The prerequisite is that the customer feels in good hands with the company.

With promotional products,
customer satisfaction can be directly influenced.

In surveys, many respondents say they get a better opinion about a company through giveaways. Since every Euro of the advertising budget can only be spent once, a company should use advertising material. Advertising media are characterized by a particularly high level of effectiveness. Advertising works primarily through emotions and not solely through rational arguments. The special effect of a giveaway can therefore not be copied by a discount or any other discount. A giveaway is usually received positively. After all, every person is happy about a free gift.

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